studio AR+ECH x Seonggu de Kim | mixcape Live

PRECTXE : SHOWCASE vol.1.2_Digital Art Festival

Studio AR+ECH

Studio AR+ECH is composed of two media artists, who create and find contacts between life and art, art and technology. Based on the field of new media art installation and video, and has various exhibitions and awards at home and abroad. Uses coding to create graphics and pursues the creation of interactive installations based on video, sound, and programming. Through this, we will explore how the technology plays a role in our lives and what it means to us through work and show the process to the public.

Seonggu de Kim

Seonggu de Kim is Seoul-based DJ / Producer producing the mimicry of old and unexperienced memories. One Half of Synth-Oriented Duo, Airy Textile. His style focuses on Acid / Leftfield / Synthy House and Techno.


Studio AR+ECH_Media Art Studio

Seonggu de Kim_DJ / Producer

Bucheon Art Bunker B39

53, Samjak-ro, Bucheon

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